a1Hola Karis!Lewis the Lion is glad that you enjoyed<a href="http://pbwlkcedmf.com"> redniag</a> about the mine. It certainly made him realise what a lucky lion he is and indeed he felt very sad for some of the miners who don't have a choice whether they work down the mine or not.At the moment, Lewis has been travelling for 5 months which means that there's still another 7 months to go on his adventure. (Check out the map on the homepage to see where he's going to travel to next on his big adventure. Just a little clue though   it's a place where there are enormous stone heads looking out to sea!). That means he should come back to visit you in Packmoor next February or March time. I wonder how many more adventures you are both going to have before then?!Muitas felicidades, Lewis the Lion and Helen
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