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In our laboratory, we research about Human Interface in the multimodal information space, aiming to achieve communication between humans and computers, computers and computers.
We mainly research and develop speech and image. They are divided roughly into four groups by topics of research.

Speech Synthesis

Speech Synthesis is the artificial production of human speech.
This system is called a Speech Synthesizer or Text to Speech System, and it is used for the followings.

  • Voice guide at station
  • Voice guide of car navigation system
  • Reading out news by cell phone
  • Stuffed animal that can talk



Speech Recognition converts spoken words to machine-readable input by analyzing them.
This system has received attention as an interface that takes the place of the keyboard. This system is used for the followings.

  • Machine translation of simultaneous interpreter type
  • Take minutes of a meeting
  • Voice activated navigation system
  • Robot that listens to instruction
  • Making sentences on the computer



We aim at communication between human and computer in the field of speech.
With the Speech Synthesis and Speech Recognition listed above, Speech Communication is available for the following systems.

  • The system gives you bus information
  • The system gives visitors information guide
  • The system buys the ticket that you try to buy



In this research, we pull image information out of dynamic or static image on the computer, and make the new image from it.
This idea is used for the followings.

  • Security system using face images
  • Creating dynamic image in sign language
  • lip-reading system


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