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Tokuda, Lee and Nankaku laboratory develops research on speech signal processing and multimedia signal processing including speech synthesis, singing voice synthesis, speech recognition and spoken dialog systems development.


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May 25, 2017 ASJ 2017 Spring Meeting 15th Student Presentation Award

May 25, 2017
Yushi Ichikawa (OB) received the 15th Student Presentation Award (Japanese only) from ASJ.

by Natsumi Koike

April 28, 2017 Monthly Party

20170428_1.jpg 20170428_2.jpg 20170428_3.jpg

April 28, 2017
We had our April's monthly party.
It was also a welcome party for the new 4th year bachelor students, who just entered the lab. So, they made a quick self-introduction speech to the others.
Let's all give our best for this year!

by Natsumi Koike

April 07, 2017 Zen's Talk

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April 07, 2017
Heiga Zen (Google) visited Nagoya Institute of Technology and gave a talk about speech synthesis.
The topic was very interesting and we learned a lot from the talk.

by Natsumi Koike

March 31, 2017 Monthly Party

20170331_1.jpg 20170331_2.jpg 20170331_3.jpg

March 31, 2017
We had our March's monthly party.
We couldn't have a picnic under a cherry blossom tree becouse of rain, but we had fun while eating and talking with new lab members.

by Fumiyoshi Ikeura

March 28, 2017 End of fiscal year cleaning

March 28, 2017
We did an end of fiscal year cleaning.
All members cooperated to clean up our laboratory, and we were ready for the new fiscal year.

by Fumiyoshi Ikeura

March 23, 2017 Thank-you party

20170324_1.jpg 20170324_2.jpg 20170324_3.jpg

March 23, 2017
We held a thank-you party.
At the party, the students gave presents to the teachers and graduating seniors in order to express their gratitude.
Thanks to polite guidance and warm support, I think that we can take our new steps.
Thank you very much for your generous teaching for the past year!

by Fumiyoshi Ikeura

March 23, 2017 DEN'EIKAI Award


March 23, 2017
Natsumi Koike (B4) and Yukiya Hono (B4) received DEN'EIKAI Award from DEN'EIKAI(Japanese only).

by Fumiyoshi Ikeura

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