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Tokuda, Nankaku and Hashimoto laboratory develops research on speech signal processing and multimedia signal processing including speech synthesis, singing voice synthesis, speech recognition and spoken dialog systems development.

Recent Events

Presentation at JST Strategic Creative R...
August 10, 2023

Professor Tokuda appeared as a dialogue partner for Professor Tomoki Toda at the interim report meeting of the research area "Creation and Deployment of Symbiotic Interaction Foundation Technology for Human and Information Environment (Symbiotic Interaction)" of the JST Strategic Creative Research Promotion Program CREST.

Special Lecture at the International Ins...
June 4, 2023

A lecture was held by Mr. Kei Sawada, Research & Data Manager at rinna Corporation. He introduced an overview of pre-trained models specialized in Japanese, such as GPT, BERT, HuBERT, CLIP, and Stable Diffusion, released
by rinna Corporation, and discussed AI characters utilizing these models.

June 4, 2023

ICASSP2023 was held in Greece.
Thank you to everyone who participated.


  • Yukiya Hono
  • Takenori Yoshimura
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