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Tokuda, Lee and Nankaku laboratory develops research on speech signal processing and multimedia signal processing including speech synthesis, singing voice synthesis, speech recognition and spoken dialog systems development.


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February 13, 2017 Undergraduate thesis defenses

20170213_1.jpg 20170213_2.jpg 20170213_3.jpg 20170213_4.jpg 20170213_5.jpg 20170213_6.jpg

February 13, 2017
The undergraduate students from our lab defended their theses today.


  • Fumiyoshi Ikeura (B4)
  • Eiji Ichikawa (B4)
  • Fumiya Ichihashi (B4)
  • Natsumi Koike (B4)
  • Jumpei Niwa (B4)
  • Yukiya Hono (B4)
  • Shiori Murase (B4)
  • Natsumi Yokota (B4)
  • Kotaro Wakiguchi (B4)

The presentations were great!
After those, we had a party and enjoyed with the new undergraduate students.

by Fumiyoshi Ikeura

February 10, 2017 Master's thesis defenses

20170210_1.jpg 20170210_2.jpg 20170210_3.jpg

February 10, 2017
The master students from our lab defended their theses in a presentation event held today at the University.


  • Chiaki Asai (M2)
  • Yuki Ando (M2)
  • Yushi Ichikawa (M2)
  • Mayu Umemura (M2)
  • Motoki Shikano (M2)
  • Masaya Hashimoto (M2)
  • Masahiro Hida (M2)
  • Tomoya Mizutani (M2)

by Natsumi Koike

February 01, 2017 Publication

February 01, 2017
The article by Keiichi Tokuda was published in IEICE INFORMATION AND SYSTEMS SOCIETY JOURNAL.

by Natsumi Koike

January 30, 2017 11th Wakashachi Encouragement Award

January 30, 2017
Assistant Professor Keiichiro Oura received excellence award 11th Wakashachi Encouragement Prize.

by Fumiyoshi Ikeura

January 21, 2017 SP workshop

20170121_1.jpg 20170121_2.jpg 20170121_3.jpg

January 21, 2017
We participated in SP workshop held at The University of Tokyo.


  • Kei Hashimoto (Assistant Prof)


  • Kei Hashimoto (Assistant Prof)
  • Chiaki Asai (M2)

by Kei Hashimoto

January 01, 2017 An article appeared in The Yomiuri

January 01, 2017
The Yomiuri Shimbun Morning Edition from page 31 reported about the speech synthesis techniques developed at our lab.

by Natsumi Koike

January 01, 2017 Publication in ASJ Journal

January 01, 2017
The following paper was published in the ASJ Journal.

"Statistical parametric speech synthesis based on deep learning"
by Kei Hashimoto, Shinji Takaki(OB, National Institute of Informatics)

by Fumiyoshi Ikeura

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