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* To the person who hopes for the assignment [#v75315b5]

** Person who hopes for assignment to graduation research [#o374c3e8]

> The slide of the laboratory introduction is [[here (It is possible to inspect it only from school.)>http://www.sp.nitech.ac.jp/~tokuda/local/tl-lab_for_2008_long.pdf]], and the material distributed at the guidance of the graduation research is [[here ( It is possible to inspect it only from school.)>http://www.sp.nitech.ac.jp/~tokuda/local/theme.pdf]].

- 2008
-- Research theme &ref(assign_theme_2008.pdf,,PDF);
-- Presentation &ref(assign_slide_2008.pdf,,PDF);
- 2007
-- Research &ref(assign_theme_2007.pdf,,PDF);
-- Presentation &ref(assign_slide_2007.pdf,,PDF);

** Person who hopes for going on to school to graduate school [#a5223bb3]

> In this laboratory, those from outside the school who aim at the research related to the voice who go on to school the graduate school are welcomed.~
There are admission on recommendation and general examination entrance at the 
master course.~
The doctor course depends on the viva voce examination, the 
examination of the master's thesis etc. , and others. ~
Details are [[herehttp://www.nitech.ac.jp/eng/admission/index.html]].
Details are [[here>http://www.nitech.ac.jp/eng/admission/index.html]].
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